Secret Garden Festival values the contribution of its volunteers and recognises the time, skills and enthusiasm they bring to the Festival. We aim to provide volunteers with the opportunity to work and enjoy the festival and, where appropriate, provide them with the support, training and information they require to undertake their duties.

Volunteers and staff are expected to work together for the benefit of Secret Garden Festival. While volunteering at Secret Garden Festival, volunteers will be under the direction of Secret Garden Festival staff. Volunteers will not represent Secret Garden Festival outside of the directions provided.

All volunteers with Secret Garden Festival are expected to:

  1. Contact the Volunteer Coordinator immediately when you must cancel a scheduled volunteer shift.
  2. At all times exhibit a positive and friendly approach with the purpose of ensuring Festival attendees, staff and volunteers have an enjoyable and memorable experience
  3. Be sensitive to diversity of artists, attendees and fellow volunteers.
  4. Do not partake in alcohol while on a shift or before a shift and do not report for duty while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  5. Show up on time and dressed appropriately for scheduled events.
  6. Fulfil your duties throughout the entire shift.
  7. Treat Secret Garden Festival staff and patrons with respect and courtesy.

If these commitments are not met, it may result in the termination of a volunteer position and you will be escorted off the festival premises.

Secret Garden Festival reserves the to right to charge volunteers $230 for failure to comply with the above expectations and additionally in the instance of:

  1. Failure to attend or complete assigned shifts
  2. Late arrival- failure to arrive on time for briefing and shift/s
  3. Roles unfulfilled as required of you on the day (NB your role description will be sent to you, Secret Garden will not ask you do anything beyond what has already been communicated)
  4. If your Area Manager or any other Secret Garden Official believes you are acting in a manner which is considered anti-social you will be fired from your shift and charged in full.
  5. Attending shifts whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  6. Cancelling shifts without providing a suitable replacement after 17th February (exceptions may be granted upon provision of a Doctors’ Certificate)