Gardeners, we are listening!

Heya Gardeners!

We’ve got big news. One-day tickets are on sale 8:00am Friday.

Since announcing our expansion to a full two-day festival, we’ve been
talking to our Gardeners and it’s become apparent that not all of our
devoted Gardeners can skip work on a Friday.

Secret Garden Festival has always been, and will always be, about
you brilliant people who come to the farm, dress up, explore our hand-
crafted worlds, discover new music, and contribute to our two day
celebration. Listening to you guys and making sure the festival is
accessible to all is really important to us, and we’ve worked hard over the
past few days to make a limited number of one-day tickets available
as soon as we could. We’re stoked we could make this possible.

Take your pick from the following...


Hello, one-night-stander! We heard you, we love your loyalty, and
we're not gonna disappoint you. A limited number of ONE HOT NIGHT
tickets are available 8:00am Friday, getting you into the festival from Saturday morning 'til Sunday morning. It's not the full two-day bonanza, but it's a hell of a time. 24 hours of nonstop music, dancing, comedy, performers, new mates and of course surprises galore. Be quick, this ticket is limited.

Tickets on sale 8:00am Friday 27 November


The full Secret Garden experience! Featuring 50 bands and DJs, 30 actors,
dancers and comedians, 18 popup performances, 16 hand-crafted worlds,
10 drag queens, 8 dance floors, 6 stages, 2 days of fancy dress and 1 very
busy kissing booth. Not to mention countless other surprises.

Come in from midday Friday (or after work, if need be) and party ‘til the wee
hours, before waking up on our beautiful farm and doing it all again on
Saturday. Can I get a ‘hell yeah’? Buy now.


Grab a buddy, leave the daily grind, and get taken straight to the farm.
It's everything you need - 2 x two-day tickets, 2 x return bus tickets (departing
Central at 6:30pm), and a ready made tent just for you. You’ll be into your first beer and on the dance floor before 8! Buy now.

There’s a little more detail below. Any other questions, just hit us up… our mailbox is always open at

Lots of love,
Secret Garden xx


I’ve bought a two-day ticket, but would’ve rather
had a one-day ticket. Help!
Easy! We’ve got you covered. Call Oztix 1300 762 545 and they can
arrange a transfer (transfer option ends Monday 30th November).

What if I bought a 1 day ticket, but want to upgrade to two day? 
You can do that too! Call Oztix 1300 762 545.

I want to change my tent! 
You can do that too! Call Oztix 1300 762 545.

Is camping included with one day tickets? 
For sure! We’re going late into the night on Saturday. 
Stay overnight, and roll on home Sunday morning.

How much fun can Friday be, seriously? 
Ahhhh its going to be amazing. Over eight wonderful years,
Fridays have become a highlight of the festival and we promise you,
the full SG experience is going to be bloody awesome.

What are the opening times? 
12:00pm – Friday 26th
11:00am – Saturday 27th