At Secret Garden, we’re all about creating an amazing weekend. But charity is also an essential part of what we do, and after a series of huge years, including a great 2015, we’ve raised some serious cash money for charity.

All of our Gardeners (that means you, attendees!) have together made a huge impact on lives around the world. We’ve funded training for over 950 people in Timor-Leste on new farming techniques and 75 farming groups on income generation; as well as literary courses for 280 people living in remote areas. 

We have also provided Social and emotional support for up to 60 kids a day through a Children’s Vacation Care Program. All of these kids live on or below the poverty line.

Sarah Hilt is a local girl and close friend of Secret Garden. Sarah was struck down by Meningococcal in 2009 and we’ve have raised money for Sarah’s wheelchairs, prosthetic legs and arms, car modifications and ski-legs.

So a BIG ol’ thanks to all of you, Australia wide for helping us raise money; from the crew who work on SG for next to nothing, to our suppliers that give us discounts, and bands who play for less than their asking fee, to our magnificent team of volunteers and the legendary Gardeners who buy their tickets and purchase beers from our bars. You all are the reason we have the honour of giving this money to those who need it first.