Each year we donate bar and ticket profits to charity. 

This is made possible because of our army of volunteers, artists playing at a reduced fee, suppliers
giving us discounts and the Gardeners who buy tickets and drink from our bars. 

How much we raise each year depends on what the festival costs to put on. It can be affected by weather conditions,
sales, and building infrastructure – which allows us to secure the festival’s future and raise more money in the coming years.
Together we are making a difference to lives around the world.


Over the past seven years that we’ve been running Secret Garden
we have donated $200,000 to three charities: 



Training for over 950 people on new farming techniques, training for 75 farming groups on income generation and savings management as well as literacy courses for
280 people living in rural areas
of Timor-Leste. 

Funding for a women’s network to coordinate and disseminate information about cases of violence against women, including a community-led radio program to raise awareness about services available and training for 180 people on the role of men in gender empowerment.


Social and emotional support for up to 60 kids a day through a Children’s Vacation Care Program. All the kids live on or below the poverty line.
75% live in the local public
housing estates. 


Sarah Hilt is a local girl, who in 2009 was struck down by Meningococcal Disease. Sarah lost her legs, her left arm and all the fingers and thumb on her right hand. Since 2009, Secret Garden has raised money for Sarah’s wheelchairs, prosthetic
legs and arms, car modifications
and ski-legs.


Secret Garden seeks to make a difference in all aspects of the festival. Every year we employ Green Connect, an environmental and social business, who create jobs for refugees. We also donate all of our leftover staff catering to OzHarvest, a food rescue organisation, which in turn provides charities and vulnerable Australians with food assistance.