If you’ve been to Secret Garden, it’s likely that you’ve competed in the Olympics or maybe you voted in the Sexy Jesus competition? For 2016 the SG Olympic committee have some new tricks up their sleeve. Milly is headed into her fifth year on the festival, because as Milly puts it, where else can you regress to your seven year old self, chant into a megaphone, and be a part of a mass Whitney Houston dance?

Clap in Milly Horsley and the Olympic committee 


Consisting of one of our many sibling duos, these guys have been in the SG family since the beginning. From staging a sci-fi convention, to orchestrating some festival dating, to providing a stage for gardeners to belt out some anthems, they’ve created many magical moments over the years. This year, expect flirting, group sing-alongs, and all kinds of surprises.

Clap in Mill and Bel Hyles and Soph O’Brien